IVCGPU Onboarding

To ensure better schedul

For those joining us: you may, in the course of your research,
need to use our GPU servers (your advisor/mentor would let you know
when/if the time is right).

Our servers attain peak performance when their users exercise some
sort of cooperative coordination as to who is taking which GPUs.
Conversely, a Wild-West scenario guarantees that most/all jobs stall

Our “cooperative coordination” mechanism is implemented via

Here’s the steps that get you started.

1. Add these contacts to your contact lists.

Download the contacts CSV here.

Import to your Google Contacts.


2. Reserve GPU

To reserve a GPU, you can create a calender entry on Google Calendar (either personal or BU Google Account).

1. Add time and title to you event.

2. Add IVGPU to your guest list.

3. You will be able to see the availability of these GPUs by clicking the Find a Time tab.

4. Remove unavailable GPUs and send the invitation.

If the GPU is available during the time you specified, a confirmation email will be sent and you will see a green mark on the GPU name. Otherwise, a declined email will be sent and you will see a red checkmark on the GPU name.