G is for Google; P is for PhD

After three months at Google San Francisco, I’ve developed my skills on software engineering, learned what software engineering means and the life as a Googler. It is a wonderful summer and many of my colleagues are welcoming me to join Google as a full-time after my master program. However, I’ve made up my mind to continue to a PhD program, since I found that research work interest me more than software engineering.

Software engineering, as far as I think, is a more rigid and task oriented work, while research are generally more open-ended and I can always test out my idea and do more things creatively without the shackles of production and feature first development guidelines in industry. I’ve been devoting much time on machine learning research projects during my first year at NYU. Machine learning has been a big trend on basically every field of computer science and other field of research as well. During my three awesome months at Google, I realized how important machine learning is even for a big corporation with billions of customers.

There is an Alan Turing quote that I love, and I would like to end this blog the way he ended his famous paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, which later became the very first beginning of machine learning.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.