Your new WordPress website today

Every once in a while, people ask me for how to host a website like what I do at, that’s right it is this website you are looking at. However, as the modern era of cloud computing approaches us, early adopters like me are begin to choose the platform as a service(PAAS) provided by Amazon, Microsoft and Google for hosting a website open to the Internet. All you need to do is register an account and build a website the way you like and pay for what you used. Thus, for the very first time I gonna tell the birdies about how to host a website on a public cloud service, in this case the windows azure, in less than 10 minutes.

  1. In this step, all you need is just a windows azure account. If you got one for you, just log into to management portal and go to step 2. However, as a birdie, you probably don’t got one, so please go to the official website and claim for a free trial.
  2. Click NEW-COMPUTE-WEBSITE-FROM GALLARY. Choose whatever template you want, but for this website, I chose the WordPress template.
  3. Click next and give your website a database location is required, a name, a location and a URL.
  4. Finally go through the steps on the portal and go to your newly created website by just typing in the URL you set for it.

Now, you are all done!