To the very best of our times

The year 2015 have been past for almost a month. This was the year I got on an airplane and start my new era at New York. It was the year I got my first internship job as a Google Software Engineer. The year I left my love behind. The year I got learn to organize my life, a legendary life at that. It was the year I spent a week as a ICDIC volunteer and I will never forget what happened during that week. And damn it if it was not the best year of my life. Because if any one of these things hadn’t happened. I never would experience the tough of life. But more importantly, I wouldn’t felt Clara’s love so intensely. Thank you for being by my side during the darkest days. I wouldn’t have done all these things without your encouragements. We are in our early twenties, and many of those darkest years are right ahead of us. And for sure we’ll face all those challenges with each other’s support at ease.


If you’re lost and alone

Or you’re sinking like a stone

Carry on

May your past be the sound

Of your feet upon the ground

Carry on

— Carry on by Fun.


To the very best of our times!